E-Commerce Trends To Watch In 2021

The Future is Ecommerce…..

eCommerce sales grew by over 30 percent in 2020, driven by unprecedented consumer demand during the global pandemic. As stay at home orders shifted from weeks to months, many consumers were forced to adapt to shopping online, which has fueled tremendous growth in the sector.

Essentially, the indoctrination of more buyers into the online ecosystem has been accelerated due to the pandemic. From increased overall sales, to new opportunities in niches previously untapped by entrepreneurs, eCommerce this coming year will continue to move forward in ways that, pre-pandemic, would have seemed impossible.

Some trends include

  • AR enhances the reality of online shopping.
  • There will be a growing volume of voice search.
  • AI helps shops learn about shoppers.
  • On-site personalization uses those insights to create individualized experiences.
  • Big data plays a big part in creating personalized experiences.
  • Chatbots improve the shopping experience.
  • Mobile shopping is still on the move.
  • More ways to pay.
  • Headless and API-driven ecommerce allow continued innovation.
  • Customers respond to video.
  • Subscriptions keep customers coming back.
  • Sustainability is becoming more important.
  • Businesses should optimize digital strategy for conversion.
  • B2B is growing…and changing.

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