FREE Google Shopping Results

FREE Google Shopping Results

If you sell items online then you will be ecstatic to hear that in August 2020, Google announced that anyone with an online e-commerce shop can list their products in the Google Shopping platform for FREE!

Google has taken this unprecedented step to help online retailers, regardless of size to widen their retail presence and reach more customers than ever by utilising the power of Google and its leading search engine.

So how does Google make money from this, I hear you ask?

Well for allowing retailers to list their products in Google Shopping for FREE, Google will still show relevant and targeted advertisements on the product pages, a small price to pay for such an advantageous service.

What is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping is now a FREE Service (April 27th 2020) that allows consumers to search for, compare, and shop for physical products across different retailers who have listed their products. When users search Google shopping it works in a very similar way to the powerful standard Google search engine, except its tailored to goods!

Set in a recognisable shop interface, its almost like having another shop working just for you!

How Does It Work?

You could have the most incredible products in the world and the greatest e-commerce website ever, however, if no one knows about your products then it’s pointless! you could spend thousands on SEO (search engine optimisation) each year just to get your online shop listed strategically in Google, Google Shopping is a FREE gateway to gain excellent visibility for your products, or as Google proudly put it,

Google Shopping “makes the world your storefront.”

This is an incredible time as before April 2020, users had to pay for this privilege, now this is open to you for FREE!

There still will be paid options for users who list products, to increase visibility, but this will not deter users from finding your products. Almost like how the regular Google search engine works, where you see paid ads at the top and bottom and regular results in the middle.

Why Use Google Shopping?

Apart from being the greatest search engine in the world, there a number of benefits that make listing your products on Google Shopping an optimum decision, here are but a few:

Search speaks Volumes

Google rakes in over 90 Billion search enquiries every single month, for many people and the internet as a whole, Google is the entry point to the whole internet. To be successful online there are only 3 words you need to know:

Traffic, Traffic and Traffic!

Without it, you won’t have customers, you won’t have sales and you won’t grow as a business, Google is your golden ticket to traffic, so it is wise to utilise every service possible, including Google Shopping.

Targeted Content

When it comes to bringing in the traffic to your website or products, then Google certainly can provide this, however, not all traffic will convert to that much needed sale, that’s why Google Shopping can provide clear guidelines to target the right people for your products and business.

How To Sell on Google Shopping?

There is multiple ways start listing items on Google Shopping. Lets explore some options:

Automated Option

If you already use a Shopping Framework for your e-commerce website such as ‘Woocommerce’ Then there will be an array of plugin options that can help feed your products directly into the Google Shopping Platform.

You will most likely have to connect your Google Merchant Account to your online e-commerce website through the plugin settings and then the plugin can take care of a lot of the heavy lifting.

If this is something you want to investigate further, get in touch with Northern Monkey today to see what options we have available to you.

Manual Option

For that added control Google provides Merchant accounts where listing items can be added and controlled individually.

It all begins with a standard Google account, such as Gmail.

Add all the usual Business Information and all the other relevant information required to ensure your business and products will suit the platform.

An easy site verification will be required, where google will provide you with a file to upload to your server, then they will check if this file exists where you say it does and your site will be verified within the Google Merchant account.

Now you can finally login to your merchant account and start listing your products manually.


As you can see, it is easy and best of all FREE to start getting your products listed in the Google Shopping platform. IF you need more information or want to speak to us about implementing this for you then do not hesitate to contact us today and we can take care of the hard work, while you enjoy the new found exposure and custom from Google Shopping.

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