How AI is changing the digital world

How AI is changing the digital world


Technology advanced at such a rate during 2018 and its not looking like it is going to slow down this year, AI is set to be one of the key new digital trends of 2019, what was once thought of as a big brand tool is now within the reach of any sized business, although it’s still early days advances within email marketing and digital Advertising, dramatic improvements have been seen.


From Chat bots being introduced to help personalise each individual customers ordering process, looking at pizza hut for example placing orders can now be achieved via Facebook messenger and Twitter when linked to customer’s pizza hut accounts.


It is estimated that by 2020 nearly 50% of searches online will be conducted by voice, What started out as a fun addition on smart phones has allowed companies to pin point users intent far more accurately then compared to a texts search


Video have grown in popularity over recent year on platforms such as You Tube and Facebook Research has shown that 84% of consumers have gone on to purchase a product after watching a video.


It is important to remember even with all the technological advancements in the digital world a strong online presence and a quality well maintained website is essential. So if you need any help pushing your business to the next stage for tomorrows technology then get in touch.

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