At Northern Monkey we have a clear and simple step
process to take your CMS website to success!

Every step we take is crafted in a particular way to make the whole process as simple and smooth as possible
for both you ‘The Client’ and the development team. Please check out our step process below for our complete onboarding process.



The brief meeting is our most important step. This is where was grab a coffee and get together in our meeting room (or on Zoom) and we throughly discuss your project and requirements. some of the points we will discuss are:



The sitemap stage is a very important stage as this is where we discuss the exact layout of your website sitemap, (or navigation).

How this works is we create visual diagram laying out all of the links in your website navigation. this includes adding the dropdown links underneath each of the main menu items.

We also include what links will be included within the footer section of your website also. 

This can be revised by you until you reach the perfect flow with your site navigation ensuring the customer journey makes sense before any coding begins!



We understand it can be a nightmare emailing certain assets including your logo, site images, videos and copy. So every client gets their very own Google Drive shared folder where you can store every asset required for your website.

We will provide you a link to your shared Google Drive folder. Once you click the link you will be take to your space where you can easily upload all of the assets for your website. You can organise this space as much as you like such as adding and renaming folders, adding google docs and more!

Its your space for your assets, make it work for you! Now we will have easy access to all assets we need for your website.



After we have our main discussion to work out which direction your project needs to go, also once we have agreed upon the sitemap and also have all your assets, the homepage design can begin!

At this stage, we will utilise all of the information in our previous fact finding mission to build a unique home page design suited to your vision.

This will include all of your USP’s Call to actions, and incorporate any ideas you may have.



Once we have completed the homepage design for your new website, unlike many agencies who simply send a static graphic of your design to you, we provide a fully fledged digital proof to you for your approval.

The benefits of a Digital proof is you can really get a feel for the site and how it will be perceived by a potential customer. 

You will see the site animations and hover controls all working like they will be when the site goes live. 

This will not be a fully optimised for mobile version and digital proof should be viewed on a desktop or laptop computer at this stage. If you love the design we have produced, we move on to the next step, if however something is not quite right, we allow up to 2 x revisions (this is not complete redesigns, just edits to get certain elements correct) .



Once we have successfully completed the homepage design of your new website and you love everything about it, we base the internal pages on the homepage design style. 

Each of your internal pages will be built according to your sitemap set out in Step 2. 

At this stage we will refine the mobile display of your website also and ensure your website looks beautiful on all devices including mobile, tablet and desktop.

If your website includes a blog and/or an ecommerce system then these will be implemented at this stage also.

A final proof will be sent to you for your approval. This will be a complete website design based on every aspect we have discussed and on the assets you have provided. 



If you are happy with the complete design you have been sent and after we have fully tested it on all devices to ensure it looks amazing, we then proceed with the go live date in preparation for launch!

We agree upon a launch date together and after any further minor tweaks (if any) we launch your website to the world!

After this stage you will automatically progress into our snag period. This is a 2 week period where we will be on hand to deal with any issues that may arise. This could be design tweaks on any aspect of your website or if any issue arises that needs fixing at no extra cost to you.