Launch Your Business Into 2020

Nobody truly knows your business like you do

Nobody truly knows your business like you do. Year after year since starting your business, you have been working very hard, building your business, building your customer base, trying to keep your customer base, you have worked hard at every aspect of your business from foundation to growth and beyond.

No one is more educated about your business to see that when you put all this effort and hard work into creating something from your passion and you do not see results, it can be demoralising and heartbreaking. No matter how hard you work sometimes it can feel that it is never enough to take you and your business to that next level.

Where could you be going wrong?

The business world is fierce, competition is everywhere, it truly is dog eat dog. We all strive to be the best company and do what’s right by our customers, but if you are doing it wrong, even unknowingly, then you risk not only losing your loyal customer base, but potentially even your business in the end.

We all make mistakes, we are all human, the key in business is knowing where you are going wrong and how to fix it. We witness many business falling into traps of always trying to save money, never investing enough in their business and not seeing the potential of investing in the right areas of their business.

For example, using free online website builder tools to build your company website, or using your brothers friend who designs websites from his bedroom, using free email accounts for your business email address such as yahoo or gmail, even thinking if you post the odd post to your facebook page encouraging people to use your business.

All of the this is great if you are not serious about your business, otherwise it all shows a lack of professionalism and respect to the business you are trying to build.

How to reach the next level?

To build a successful business and really take your company to the next level, you need to stop thinking how you used to think when you first started. Your business is growing, this means you must grow with it.

If you think small, your business will stay small, if you think big, your business has no bounds! You want the best from your business, if you invest in it, the right way, with the right team, it will repay you.

It doesn’t matter how hard you work or how many hours you put in, it doesn’t matter that you have excellent services or products, or that you have 10 reviews on google and all are 5 stars. believe it or not, it’s all about having the right team behind you, the right Digital experts.

The right team for the job

Having a the right team doesn’t just mean, the right boss, the right salesman, the right receptionist. Yes these are important in the day to day running of your business, but if people do not know about your business, then having those staff members are pointless. Having a team of digital experts who know how to tell the world who you are, what you offer, how you are better than the competition, can in most cases be the difference between a business who goes up or a business who goes down.

A team of digital experts have the skills and expertise to showcase your website the right way, know how to use clever call to actions to guide customers to your products or service. Webdesign is physiological, knowing how to display content correctly is a science of its own, and when done right can ensure that return of investment is fulfilled.

Not only that, a team of digital experts can build software specific to your business, giving you the edge on your competition. They can build complex components for your website that truly enhance your customers experience, that will make them use your company time after time, due to the simplistic ease and effort you have invested in your website.

Also, a team of digital experts know exactly how to spread the word. They know how to target specific demographics, age ranges and locations to really ensure you target your focused customer base. Digital marketing can transform your business from zero to hero, but don’t expect miracles overnight! This is a timely investment, but with the right team, can pay dividends tenfold and more!

Having the right digital experts backing your business, in todays business world, is the only way your business will launch to the next step that you thought you’d never achieve.

If you are ready, we are, contact YOUR digital expert team, Northern Monkey, let us help Launch your business to new heights!!

Extension Of Your Business

Northern Monkey have worked for some incredibly large companies and also some new start companies and in both cases we have not only transformed their business and increased their turnover, but we have breathed new life into the companies, showing them their full potential.

Not every buisness owner is savvy, they know all about their own business, but not much else outside of this. They just need leading in the right direction to show them where their business could actually be!

Northern Monkey do this with many clients, using our full arsenal of skills, we become an extension to your business, taking care of every aspect digitally, from your website, your bespoke software, your marketing, your social media and even print, ensuring, you get to concentrate on what you do best, your business, we take care of everything else which results in a harmonias venture and ultimately, growth of your business.

Get in touch today to see how we can help you!


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