Monkey Monthly Top Tips

Every month here at Monkey HQ, I ask our Developers for a top tip for me to share with you guys – This month’s top tip is about compressing images on your website.
One of the simplest, yet effective things you do when creating a new website.

Images are one of the things, along with video, that can cause a web page to load more slowly. Therefore, compressing the image to a smaller file size will reduce the amount of time it takes for the browser to load the page. Reduces the overall page load time. It is recommended that a web page loads in under three seconds, and page speed is a ranking factor for Google.

We would suggest a plug-in such as Smush that automatically compresses the images as you load them onto the site, requiring no extra work from you. It will also allow you to bulk compress images that you have already uploaded to your website with a simple press of a button.

Let the Monkey Team know if have any questions

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