Apple iPhone/iPod Touch

Set up your email account on your Apple iPhone/​iPod Touch.

1. If this is the first account you’re setting up on your device tap ​‘Mail’, otherwise tap ​‘Settings’, then ​‘Mail’, ​‘Contacts’, ​‘Calendars’, then ​‘Accounts’ and ​‘Add Account’.

2. Tap ​‘Other’ from the list of options.

3. You should then be asked for your name (this is the name associated with your email address, people who receive your emails will see this as the sender), your email (this is the email address for the account you’re setting up), your password (this is the password associated with the email account) and description (this is so you can identify your account). Enter these details and tap ​‘Next’.

4. Tap ​‘POP’ to select the server type. Under the ​‘Incoming Mail Server’ heading enter the host name which should be ​‘mail​.your​do​main​name​.co​.uk’, user name (usually your email address for this account) and password should already be filled in, as you entered this earlier. Enter these same details under ​‘Outgoing Mail Server’, then tap ​‘Save’.

5. Your device will then try to verify your account information. If you receive a prompt asking to connect without using SSL tap ​‘Yes’. After this tap ​‘Save‘ again.

6. You will then be prompted with a message saying ​‘Cannot Verify Server Identity’ and a warning that this account may not be able to send or receive emails. Tap ​‘Details’ and tap ​‘Trust’ to finish setting up your account.