Google Android/Nexus Phone

Set up your email account on your Google Android/​Nexus Phone.

1. If this is the first account you’re setting up on your device tap ​‘Mail’, otherwise tap ​‘Mail’, ​‘Menu’, ​‘More’ and ​‘New Account’.

2. Select the ​‘Other (POP3/IMAP)’ option from the bottom of the list and select ​‘Manual Setup’.

3. You should then be asked for incoming settings. Set ​‘Protocol’ to ​‘POP’, enter the email address for the account you are setting up, the username is usually also the email address, enter the password associated with your email account, as the ​‘POP Server’ enter ​‘mail​.your​do​main​name​.co​.uk’, set ​‘Security Type’ to ​‘None’ and ​‘Server Port’ to ​‘110’, then tap ​‘Next’.

4. You should then be asked for outgoing server settings. Tick ​‘Login Required’, enter ​‘SMTP Server’ as ​‘mail​.your​do​main​name​.co​.uk’, set ​‘Security Type’ to ​‘None’ and set ​‘Server Port’ to ​‘2525’, then tap ​‘Next’ to finish setting up your account.