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More Chews To Sink Your Teeth Into!

More Chews To Sink Your Teeth Into!

We have some very exciting news for you all! We are happy to announce that the new Chewits website is now live!

We have worked closely with Chewits for over 3 years and since their last website there are a few things that have changed regarding both the design and the legal limitations on how confectionery company can advertise to children. For example Chewits are a confectionary company, and mainly aim their product at kids. There is now a limit to how much advertising you can aim at children, these even includes animations and animated elements in websites. So we had the task of developing their new website as quirky and as fun as ever but with minimal animation. I think it is safe to say that we have managed to do a good job and meet our clients’ expectations.

This was a really fun and exciting project to work on and we loved every second of the project. We all hope that you like the website as much as we do!