New Year Website Checklist

Christmas and New Year, have come and gone once more. The period where all days roll into one and you have watched your fair share of Christmas Movies and Catch-Up TV! Now it is time to get the business hat back on, Time to start steering your business to a prosperous and fulfilling year!

As time passes and the years go by, websites need that little bit of TLC to keep them current and vibrant to engage your customers and help to create new ones. We have devised some top tips that will help ensure, your website at least, will be in tip top condition ready for the new year of business ahead.

Here are the top tips to help ensure your website is fighting fit for the year ahead!

Contact Information

This is a big one! Often we come across websites with outdated Email Address Links and wrong phone numbers and on some occassions, the business has moved location and not updated this on the website.

It is very important to test that all of your contact information on your website is current, valid and up to date.

If you have a contact form on your website, send yourself a little message to ensure that this is all functioning correctly also. After all, if your customers can’t contact you, what is the point?

Mobile Friendly

If you are one of the lucky ones who got a new Mobile Phone or Tablet for Christmas, why not give your website a test on your new device? Ensuring your website works and looks great on a mobile is key! Most of your website visitors will be using a mobile device when the come to visit your site, so make it the best experience possible!

Even if your website was recently built, web browser technologies (such as chrome, firefox, safari etc) change and update all the time, so because it worked yesterday, doesnt mean it works perfect today.

Always just spend 5 or 10 minutes checking out your web pages on mobile devices and tablets.

Content Ownership

If you have your own website, it is vitally important that you own or have a licence for all of the content on your website. This applies more to images and graphics on your website.

If you have images or graphics on your website, have they been created by your Web Designer? Have you purchased licences for the images you have used? This can be a very expensive lesson you will have to learn if you do not.

Always be vigilant about the content on your website and ensure you have appropriate licences to use any third party or stock images.

Fresh Content

Have you spent your downtime over Christmas scheduling social Media posts on all of your social networks? Well it is just as important to schedule Blog and News Posts with fresh new content for your website throughout January, leaving you to concentrate on giving our business the best start possible at the start of the year.

Having Fresh content on your website has a positive impact on your SEO (search engine optimisation) also! Google loves fresh, relevant content, so this can help place you in optimum positions in Google.

Marketing Budget (optional)

So your business is doing ok online and you’re plodding along nicely….

But what if you want to take your business to the next level? then you really need to start thinking about a Marketing Budget!

A Marketing Budget does not have to mean spending thousands per month, you can start with a small budget and increase it as your revenue increases!

Investing in Marketing really can make a difference to a business. It can help you reach more customers where you never thought you could, it can help target the right type of customers for your business.

If you need to discuss how Marketing for your business can help boost your business, contact us today to discuss more.


We wish you all the luck in the world this coming year with your business and we hope these tips help a little along the way also.

Your website will work fantastic for you if you tend to it, care for it and help it grow.

If you need to discuss any points here today or if you need some advise about pushing your business forward, then contact us here and we can arrange a coffee and a chat.


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