Tech 2015: Online’s biggest technology stories

Part of the fun in following the tech scene is that there’s always so much new stuff to read about.

And 2015 has been a very busy year indeed.

Its highlights have included a series of mega-launches, including the well-received Windows 10, the curved Galaxy S6 smartphone, the Apple Watch and a Tesla car with doors that opened upwards.

Meanwhile, amongst the lowlights were hack attacks of the Ashley Madison infidelity service, the toymaker Vtech and the US government’s Office of Personnel Management.

The Kickstarter-funded Zano mini-drone project also collapsed, Lenovo infected its laptops with spyware, and a security researcher was banned from flights after he tweeted he might be able to hack them.

The online giants were also busy: Jack Dorsey took back control of Twitter; Google faced anti-competition allegations from the EU; and Facebook was threatened with having its data transfers blocked between the EU and the US.

But they weren’t necessarily the most read stories.

Below we list the most popular tech article for each month of the year based on our own internal click-counting tools. Did you read them all first time round?
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