The best ways to stay in touch

The best ways to stay in touch

Unless you live on a remote Island with no Wifi I’m pretty sure by now you will have experienced at least one new way of communicating with colleagues, family or friends since the Corona Virus lockdown.

Many people have turned to Video Conferencing recently and many of whom had never used software like this previously so its been a big learning curve for some.

The normal social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, Snapchat etc have seen huge amounts of growth during the pandemic and the demographic who use these platforms have also changed. Many older people are now embracing these technologies so they can see more of their family and communicate more easily and this can only be a good thing. So apart from the above mentioned social media platforms what else is out there? We have created a list of some alternatives to aiding communication below that may suit your requirements better. Most of these are free or offer free trials so why not download them and have a play…


Justalk is available for Android, iOS and desktop devices and aims to make communications with friends and family as fun as possible. It’s a fun piece os video and chat software that unlike some of the ore corporate offerings allows you to add doodles, stickers, photos or play games in real time. Up to 50 people at a time can play/use and it’s all done in HD video.

Google Hangouts

If you need more than 50 people to be involved in your online coms then Google hangouts offers unto 100 people in any one meeting. This too offers video and text facilities with the option to share photos and even gifs too attendees. Google hangouts is really good at offering a text based platform and this is one of its strong points so its a bit like a private Facebook thread which can all be exported for posterity.

Google Duo

One of the simplest of the communication tools listed here and probably one we would recommend if your not too computer savvy. Google Duo allows up to 11 iOS, Android or desktop devices to connect at any one time. This too offers fantastic video and chat facilities and one cool feature that we love is that you can leave the person you are calling a video voice message if they are unavailable, give it a try.


Viber is a platform not currently well known but it is very up and coming. Viber was created by the Japanese electronic commerce and online retailing company Rakuten. Its very similar to Whats App using VOIP technology and enables users to partake in free text, video and voice chats. A Whopping 250 people can join in a conversation.