Time To Celebrate – The Great Reopening

Hardest Hit

The Hospitality Industry has sadly been one of that hardest hit industries during the Corona Virus Pandemic. With a record 6000+ Loss to licensed premises last year alone. This is Triple the numbers from 2019. Due to the restrictions put in place by the government, licensed premises and sociable businesses such as cafes and restaurants all had to close.

The Great Reopening

With great anticipation, the Hospitality Industry, after eagerly waiting for over a year, can finally re-open form as early as 17th May. This follows “outdoor only” hospitality venues which are allowed to open from the 12th April.

The governments ‘Roadmap out of lockdown’ can simply not come soon enough for businesses hanging on by a thread in the hospitality sector and who really need to open their doors to the public if they are to survive, as a business.

This makes the hospitality sector the very last sector be allowed to trade coming out of our 3rd national lockdown.

Making Plans

Many businesses are already underway making plans and preparations, even before their doors have swung open to the public.

This includes social distance strategies implemented within their premises, adequate provisions for sanitisation and following every rule and regulation in order to ensure their expected opening date goes without a hitch!

What About The Marketing

We have seen a massive increase in businesses form the hospitality industry approach us for a number of different marketing options to assist with their great reopening.

Flyers & Posters

We are designing flyers and posters for customers to place around their venue/premises which will help set out their own regulations for the public to ensure everyones safety during their visit.

Website Updates

Almost all of our hospitality customers are requesting updates of informative information on their websites, advertising their safety measures in place to help reinforce to the public, that they are doing all they can to ensure the publics safety during their visit to their establishment.

Email Marketing

We are assisting our clients with numerous email campaigns, preparing for the re-launch fo their business, big announcements telling their customer base everything they need to know about the business, how it will work now with safety procedures in place and announcing the efforts that have gone into ensuring everyones safety.


As you can see things are really revving up in the hospitality industry and there is so much to be done ‘outside of the box’ by ensuring your customers are aware about your COVID safety measures in place, notifying your customers about your opening days and times, and what procedures are in place when they visit.

Speak to our expert team today to help get the ball rolling on your ‘re-launch’ and maximise your profits from the get go, by ensuring everyone knows, when you are open, what times, and what to expect.

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