This Billboard campaign was cancelled due to a massive Photoshop error where they gave one of the models two right feet. Oooop

A photoshopped image shot for Billboard has been leaked online after it was found to have given Fifth Harmony’s Ally Brooke Hernandez two right feet.

The eventually canned photoshoot was leaked by Twitter account Shady Music Facts, and it helped reveal the absurd level of photo manipulation its stars can be exposed to, both in Billboard, and of course as part of the wider industry.

Billboard told Jezebel: “The photo circulating on the Internet is a manipulated outtake from a Billboard photo shoot. It was never published by Billboard.”

The image appears, albeit unused, during a time when many are questioning the ethical use of photo manipulation of photos in the media amid a culture currently questioning the unrealistic beauty standards they can set, and the damage arising from such alterations.

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