Why Emails Might End Up In Spam

We have all been there, waiting for the email, when the sender is adamant they have sent it, you continuously refresh your inbox but no email arrives! But then you check the spam folder and the email has been sat there all along!

Worry not, you are not alone. This happens to so many people but it can be time wasting and frustrating, not to mention that it could potentially lose you some business, especially if the email you are waiting on is time sensitive!

Here are some basic tips to check if your emails keep ending up in your spam folder.

Check your website form

If your website has a contact form, send yourself regular emails from it. If you have more than one form make sure to test them all. This can be done at least once a week to ensure all your forms are functioning as they should.

Form Database plugin

Some website forms can utilise form database plugins. What these do is save a copy of all emails sent through your website form to a database on your website. You can then check this database anytime to review all messages sent through your forms.

SPF Record

When you purchased your domain, you can attach an SPF record to it. This is a DNS Record which tells your domain which servers are allowed to manage the mail through it. Some servers are stricter than others, and mail can be rejected if the SPF record is not present or is incorrect.

Marked As Spam

Its easy to do, every so often I have been cleaning out my inbox and accidentally marked a legitimate email as spam, from here on out all emails from that recipient will now go to my spam folder. I had to overrule it and mark it safe manually, so double check you have not marked the recipient as spam.

Spam Triggers in the Subject

The subject line of the email is the first thing you tend to see when you get an email, Spammers have become crafty with these, just to get you to open the email. Subjects like the following can be misleading and possibly trigger the email for spam:

  • Did you hear about so-and-so?
  • Did I leave my Phone
  • You have won £100,000 (wouldn’t it be nice!)
  • Subject IN ALL CAPS

Sending Too Many Attachments

Sending too many attachments can be a huge red flag for some email filters. If you need to send a lot of images, it is best to use a third party such as Dropbox or Google Drive and simply attach the links to the files in the email. It also sends much quicker this way too!


These simple factors above can radically reduce the possibility of lost emails or emails going directly to your spam folder. Emails are always tricky, but the more sophisticated spammers get the tougher spam filters have to become. Its all about just being smart and vigilant with your emails.

If you are having email issues within your business, we work closely with an excellent and reputable IT Technician who can facilitate all manner of email management systems for business of all sizes. Contact us today to find out more.

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