Will your business survive Mobilegeddon

What does it all mean??

In recent years, the number of searches performed on a mobile or tablet device has risen dramatically, to the point now that over 80% of all web searches are carried out on these devices.

Google started to react to this trend several years ago, and is getting smarter and smarter about how it presents search results based on the device the search is performed on. These search results can be dramatically different if the main results found on desktops aren’t mobile optimised.

When you are performing a search via your smartphone, have you noticed any of these situations when you click on a search result?

  • You are referred to the Home Page, instead to the URL you clicked on
  • You cannot read the site because the font and graphics are too small
  • The page doesn’t load at all

These are only some examples of bad user experience that Google wants to avoid by rolling out the Mobile Update.

This major update which has been launched today, goes much further than anything before it. If your website isn’t optimised for mobile demands, your search results won’t only be marked as not “Mobile-friendly.” Your result could drop enormously in organic traffic.

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