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Just Developed By Northern Monkey! Zoom Meeting Plugin!

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic Northern Monkey have had to get creative to help our friends, our clients and all the small businesses out there trying to keep afloat during this economic catastrophe. We have been hard at work developing systems and tools to enhance the home working situation undertaken by so many business at this time.

Introducing Zoom Meeting

We want to make your life easier, enable you to connect with your customers and colleagues better, so we have currently developed Zoom Meeting Plugin for WordPress! The Simple, Professional way to engage users into your Zoom Meetings.

How Does It Work?

The Plugin allows your colleagues, clients or guests, to enter the meeting ID directly on your website to join your Zoom Meeting, which both looks more professional and also drives traffic to your site.
You can display the Meeting Access Form in multiple ways in your site, from the slick sliding popout or use the custom WordPress Widget and place it in your sidebars or footer!

See It In Action

You can see the plugin in action right here on the Northern Monkey Website, the bottom right of your screen you will see the Blue Circle Zoom Button, Click it to be presented with the Meeting Input Box. Simply ad the meeting ID of your current or scheduled meeting and hit the, Join Zoom Meeting Button, and instantly get connected to your meeting.

Need it on your website?

Get the Zoom Meeting plugin on your website and simplify the whole Zoom Meeting process, with a central point of access, right on your own website. More professional, more personal!

Contact Northern Monkey today on 01772 687218 and ask us about the Zoom Meeting Plugin.

We will fully integrate and install the plugin for you if required, so you don’t have to worry about a thing!

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