Read all about Northern Monkey, find out what sets us apart. We are a forward thinking, modern minded company that believes, anything is possible!

Established in 2005, built a trustworthy reputation that reaps over 80% in recommended work from current and past clients.

Looking after clients best interests is our #1 priority and believe this is why we are one of the leading web design companies in the North West.

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Northern Monkey have over 17 years experience, we really know our stuff!

We have established a power team that delivers exceptionally coded websites, software and mobile apps.

Here at Northern Monkey, we push the limits of our abilities to never stop striving for the best.

We offer technical services, provide training and offer a range of aftercare and support packages to ensure you are never on your own.

If 17 years have taught us anything, then it’s, Anything is Possible!



About Our Values at Northern Monkey

Forward thinking

Always striving and pushing our limitations utilising the latest technologies to bring exceptional results.

Passion for results

The journey doesn't stop after the build, we continue to push and excel with every project we produce.

Constantly improving

Continuous learning and adapting in order to be at the pinnacle of our abilities at all times.

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ready to reach new heights? Let's get there, together.

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