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We know how important it is to use digital marketing to help your website grow. So using our Digital Marketing strategies you can ensure that your website grows.

We provide a wealth of Digital Marketing Services, including:

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Our strategies are sure to help and we can promise that you will not be disappointed so we are told by you lot, our happy customers. We utilise a multitude of tactics and strategies to excel your website and provide impressive growth and status on the internet.

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click or otherwise referred to as PPC is a marketing strategy that can help you gain more traffic to your website. You may have seen the small ‘Ad’ symbol next to the search results in Google. These are adverts and every time you click on an Ad the advertiser pays Google a small fee.

This is a quick and easy way to gain top position rankings for a series of keywords you wish to be found for. Our skills lay in managing this account on behalf of our clients, making your Google budget go much further and making sure that month on month you gain increasing results for as little budget as possible.


Google currently processes over 40,000 search queries per second worldwide. That equals over 3.5 billion searches each day. So if your site doesn’t have an effective Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), you are potentially missing out on a whole lot of traffic.

It’s a common misconception that having a live website means you will automatically be found easily on a search engine. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as that.

Your website may not be as visited as you think. With SEO you can gain more traffic to your website by appearing as one of the first sites to appear on a Google search. Here at Northern Monkey we can help you do this by offering you a Search Engine Optimisation plan.

S.E.O is a digital marketing strategy where you continually work on a website to make gains to where a site appears in Google and other main search engines.

This is a long term strategy and results can often take several months to gain, however unlike Pay Per Click advertising there is no cost to the client, i.e a hundred people a day could click on your website link and there wouldn’t be any fee to be paid to Google.

We would highly recommend SEO for businesses willing to achieve long term gain and build a solid platform in which to promote their website. If quicker gains are required then Pay Per Click is more suited or a nice mix of both like most of the digital marketing strategies that we offer some suit different businesses more than others.

We would suggest that you give us a call and arrange a free; no obligation meeting to see what would work best for you.


Re-marketing is a great way to connect with visitors, especially if they have not made a purchase or inquiry with you recently. Re-marking lets you show a graphic advert on other web pages visited by people who have recently been to your own website. You may well have seen this before, it is where you visit a website and it suddenly contains banner adverts from a website that you have previously visited. This helps massively for brand awareness and can help people be reminded to contact you or purchase your products. These ads are managed through Google Adwords, which also we offer as part of our PPC service.

Re-marketing can also be very cost effective as you only pay Google when someone clicks your advert and 9 times out of 10 it’s because they have already used your services or need them again so it can be very targeted.


Google Shopping is a service that allows consumers to search for products and compare prices through Google Search. The search results are all focused around keywords that are relevant to said products.

Why not use Google Shopping to help your business?

Using Google Shopping can sufficiently increase the amount of traffic to your website and increase your sites click through rates especially if you have an eCommerce website. Your website products will appear as a picture, description and price on any searches undertaken for a particular keyword. You may have seen these already in Google. This is a great way to get new or customers to purchase your products online.

Get in touch with us to find out more on how this can benefit your website, or for more information on eCommerce websites please follow the link bellow to our eCommerce page for more information.


What is a business without marketing? Every business needs to market their goods or services in some way in order to attract an audience of users and buyers.

With everything now moving digital more companies are taking to e-mail marketing. This can be a rewarding way to contact your customers/clients quickly and easily.

Done right, e-mail marketing can increase your response rate tenfold and here at Northern Monkey we have our own system, Mailstats, to help you do just that!

In four easy steps, you can send visually striking emails directly to your audience any time of day or night.

Just drag, drop and add your own words/pictures, customise the colours and fonts and it’s all ready to send. We can create bespoke templates for you to use, please contact us for a quote that’s tailored to you!

Then, using Mailstats, you can monitor how many emails have been opened, who’s clicked through on the links you’ve provided and where they are in the world.

For a demo, please contact us, we’d be happy to help.

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