What Our Clients Say

Sue Swain – Veritas

” I actually enjoyed working with them, this was my first website I’ve had created and they really listened to what I needed the site to do for me and the type of client that I have and the range of abilities that they have technically, so yes I really enjoyed it and they were really supportive.”

” …It was my very first website and I am a novice in this world and they really understood the vision I wanted to create…”

Matt Hughes – One Stop Social

“I was impressed with what Northern Monkey had to offer. The team built me a website with bespoke software…”

” …I really enjoyed working with Northern Monkey, I find that they offer a very personal touch which has helped me develop my business…”

Dean Williams – Unicorn Solutions

” I would recommend Northern Monkey based on their great communication skills, value for money and their professionalism.”

“…One of the benefits if not the biggest benefit of working with Northern Monkey is their communication skills are great… the face to face meeting, the email transactions and even picking up the phone.”