Benefits of Push Notifications

We are going to help you understand about the Benefits of Push Notifications. Introducing push notifications into your business could be extremely beneficial.

What are push notifications?

Ever been relaxing at home and your phone just pings? You literally cannot resist the urge to see what it is! You have to pick up your phone just to check, our natural curiosity overcomes us and we just have to see what the ping was for! This is a Push Notification!

A company or service has sent you a message of interest that relates to one of the many apps you have installed on your mobile device. The Push notification first alerts you with the audible sound of the PING noise.

You get to see a preview of the notification on your lock or Home Screen. This is the clever way, companies contact you to get you to open their app!

What are the benefits of push notifications?

We have all had emails where we often simply delete them and can ignore them, with Push Notifications, you cannot ignore them, you actively have to see them and swipe them away if you are not interested in what they say, or click on them if you are!

This is the beauty of a Push Notification, if you have 10’000 people using your app, you can in an instant make 10’000 people see your message. (assuming they have allowed notifications for your app).

Push Notifications are not like spam emails, they are targeted messages of major interest to you. This has major positive impacts on the companies business as it helps to keep that companies name and brand in your mind at all times!

What can you do with Push Notifications?

With Push Notifications you can do anything you want. Sending a push notification can assist in boosting sales, notoriety of a new service or even wishing your customers a merry Christmas!

With Push Notifications you have a direct link into every customers pocket. The impact in repeat business or loyalty is massively beneficial.

How can Implement Into My Own App?

Here at Northern Monkey we have lots of experience utilising Push Notifications into Apps.

We provide dashboards utilising personal logins where customers can login and send any number of push notifications from their dashboard.

Click here to message us or , Call us on 01772 687 218 and we can get the process underway immediately!

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