Candy King – New Client Announcement
Candyking - new client for Northern Monkey Creative MEdia

We are very excited to announce our fantastic new client who will be working with Northern Monkey Creative Media on some very exciting projects that will make your tastebuds tingle!

Elevating our portfolio as the UK’s most reputable development company for confectionery manufacturers, CandyKing joins forces with Northern Monkey.

Say hello to CandyKing!

CandyKing, a prominent provider of pick and mix confectionery across Europe and the United Kingdom, stands as the industry leader. Established in 1984, the company’s journey led to its acquisition by Cloetta in 2017. Over the years, our commitment has resulted in the delightful inclusion of more than 500 diverse varieties of candies within retail spaces. Yet, our aspirations reach beyond this milestone. We’re driven to extend the pleasure of selecting and combining personal favorites to everyone, for we believe that “Life is sweet.”


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