Simple Ways To Collect Reviews From Your Customers
how to collect reviews for your business

Simple Ways To Collect Reviews From Your Customers

Having great reviews about your product or service can make or break a potential customers decision. Reviews are a powerful tool to utilise whether you sell products online or whether you offer a service.

A recent study shows that 79% of consumers would trust the words they see in a written review online as much as they would trust a family or friend recommending a product or service to them by word of mouth. This is a huge amount of consumers and in turn just shows the true power of utilising reviews for your company or brand.

Here are some ways you can start incorporating and collecting reviews today.

Facebook Page Reviews

This is one of the quickest and simplest ways to start collecting reviews. Nearly every company out there has an associated Facebook page. Did you know your facebook page already has the functionality available to start receiving reviews today? In some case you have to activate it depending on your facebook template, but you can start collecting reviews directly on your facebook page today!

The great thing about utilising reviews on Facebook is that you can elaborate or discuss any reviews and publicly display a willingness to help your customers to a satisfactory state. This can help reinforce to other potential customers that you always go above and beyond for your customers.

Google Reviews

When a potential customer is looking for a specific product or service, one of the first things they will probably do is visit Google. When they do a search and all of the results display, you often see some companies listed with star icons next to their company name, visibly showing that particular company has been highly (or lowly) rated. This is a quick and key visual indicator that can often lead to potential customers clicking into your business link simply due to the hight review score next to the star Icon.

Google Reviews are public for all to see and you can even respond to each review individually should you have any feedback. To get started with Google Reviews, you simply need to add your company as a business to Google. Once this is all setup, you can start receiving Google Reviews immediately.

Collect Reviews On Your Website

You can easily collect reviews directly from your website and there are a number of ways to do it. One of the simplest ways is to create a simple feedback form with a clear call to action button directly asking customers for any feedback they may have. You can create a simple form easily and add it to a page on your website where you can start collecting reviews and feedback. If you have a WordPress website there are a number of form builder plugins you can use which are super easy to install and setup. One we would recommend is Contact Form 7. You simply add the fields you want and save it. These can be name, email, and feedback where a user can fill in all the fields and submit their feedback to you. You receive all the details in your email inbox.


Trustpilot is a third party review system which is globally recognised. They have a great reputation for trustworthiness and is often referenced by potential customers before they use a specific product or service. But all that comes at a premium if you really want to take advantage of the great features that Trustpilot offers. You can add your company for free (at time of writing) but in order to display your trustpilot on your website through an embeddable widget, you must upgrade your account which is a paid service.

This is not required and you can happily still be listed within trustpilot as a free account and still collect reviews for when potential customers search for your. Which still can be extremely beneficial.


So there you have a few interesting options, some paid, but most are free and you can start collecting reviews instantly and start building your credibility online today.

Feel free to discuss with us today if you want our assistance on adding review collection options to your website. Collecting reviews can be extremely beneficial and rewarding for your business. In most cases take no time at all to setup, so what are you waiting for?

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