App Development Showcase

Advocacy Focus My Focus

We developed the advocacy focus mobile app in order to aid users to self advocate.

Users can manage and track their important meetings, important contacts, and much more. The app provides important tools for the user to be able to maintain self control and understanding.

Advocacy focus is a vital tool that will benefit people who struggle with meetings, housing or any important events.

Loyalty App for Ducati Manchester

App and Bespoke Software for North Hydraulic Services

North Hydraulic Services recently approached us looking for a solution to help streamline their production system. We had to help them convert from an outdated paper based system to a digital one.

We developed a bespoke internal Engineers App that was fully controlled via cloud based software. 

This has revolutionised the way that North Hydraulic Systems work and the feedback we have received form them is amazing.

Do you want your very own app?

There are well over 1.5 million apps in the IPhone store, with a similar number available for android systems.

They offer a multitude of services, from guiding you around a city centre to counting the number of calories you eat. You can play games, plan a travel route, book a holiday or keep up to date with your favourite sport teams.

They can also provide access to the critical mobile market, yet many SMEs still think having a dedicated app for their business is beyond their reach, but why?

Us Monkeys can create an app for your business, making sure it comes with all required functions and features you need, such as log in, user controls and integration with other software.

It could open a wide new horizon for your business.

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