6 good reasons why Blogs are important

Blogs? For a business website?

Blogs are an easy way to keep your online presence up to date, you can easily add images and descriptions – sort things into categories and add tags for easy organising later on.

If your a business – this is a great way to keep people aware of your presence and easily show off your work. Hook your blog up with your social media and ‘online-wise’ your good to go.

Here are 6 good reasons as to why blogging on your website is a good idea.

Reason 1: Increase in Website Traffic to Your Website

Due to the nature of a business website, it’s likely that your website won’t have loads of pages and that they won’t receive regular updates.

That’s fair enough. You want your website to be simple to navigate, to ensure that the key info is easily found. Plus, unless your company undergoes a major overhaul, it’s unlikely that your pages will ever need that big of an update.

But, this can be a problem in terms of search engine results and optimisation.

(This is exactly where blogging comes in)

For every blog that you publish, you add another indexed page of fresh, relevant and useful content to your website. Google, and other search engines, recognise this and reward you with an increased likelihood of appearing on search engine results pages. For an added bonus, you are also more likely to attract traffic via organic searches.

Put simply, blogging (when done properly) will boost the number of people that see your website.

Reason 2: Social Media Interaction

Provided that your blogs are interesting and useful to your target audience, people are likely to share them on social media.

Via the sharing of your blogs on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram etc, your website will be introduced to lots of new people. As these people are friends on the social platforms, they likely share similar interests and therefore likely fall within your target market.

Blogs also provide great content for you to share on your own social media channels, enabling you to interact with your consumers more regularly.

Reason 3: Increased Traffic = Increased Marketing Leads = Increased Sales

Simply by the law of odds, the increased traffic that you will achieve from blogging is likely to increase the amount of sales that you’ll achieve.

In order to boost these odds, consider adding blog-specific discounts or offers into your posts. Not only will this really encourage your clientele to repeatedly re-visit your site, it provides you an opportunity to establish leads into potential new customers.

Don’t give away the discounts entirely for free, ask the reader for their email address in return. Then  you can contact new customers directly with future offers with the aim of turning them into a regular customer.

Reason 4: Establish yourself as a Reputable Business

Good business blogs will consistently provide readers with valuable, interesting, relevant and informative content. They should also answer common queries and concerns that the companies customers may have.

By delivering on the above you will:

  • Establish your company as an industry leading organisation that regularly provides insightful and worthwhile information about the industry they operate in.
  • Establish a trustworthy and reputable reputation for your company. Customers will know that the company they are buying from is knowledgable and transparent with their customer base.

Reason 5: Search Engine Results Optimisation

Let me set the scene.

You have now published  a series of high quality blog posts. They meet all the relevant criteria (see above) and have helped establish your company a wonderful reputation. Soon, other companies within your industry begin to link your blog posts on their own website as they are so informative.


These links to your site provide Google with a stamp of approval to say, your website and its content is A*. Subsequently, your site is acknowledged more and you’re bumped further up their results page. The more links, the higher you appear.

Your discoverability in search engines is also improved.

Better blogs = more links = higher placement on search engine results pages = better business exposure.

Reason 6:  Show People You Are Real

Don’t be afraid to share news about your business and the people within it. This will help to remind your customers that ultimately, your team is made up of  real, hard-working people, that want to provide the best for their customers.

It also provides you with an opportunity to share company or product news and can even help with recruitment.

If you have any further questions regards to Blogs on your website then please dont hesitate to get in touch and we will be able to help.

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