Website Maintenance And Why You Need It
website maintenance

In this post, we will discuss the significance of website maintenance and how routine health checks can provide benefits in both the short and long term.

It is no longer sufficient to merely have a website, as it necessitates consistent attention and care to keep up with the ever-changing digital environment. This is where our website maintenance service come in.

At Northern Monkey we specialise in delivering a comprehensive SLA (Service Level Agreement) package, including GDPR compliance, SSL certificates, updated content, updated plugins, and a safe and secure website overall.

Let’s delve into the benefits to comprehend why website maintenance is necessary.


GDPR Compliance is crucial to guarantee that your website safeguards the personal data of your web visitors. Our SLA includes a GDPR compliance check to ensure that your website is current with the most recent regulations.

SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates are security certificates that encrypt data shared between a website and its visitors. It is vital to have an SSL certificate if your website collects any data from visitors, such as contact information or payment details. Our SLA website maintenance service includes an SSL certificate check to ensure that your website is secure and protected from cyber threats.

Content – Keep it Fresh

Up-to-date Content is necessary to maintain your website’s search engine rankings and retain visitors. It is important to upload new content frequently to offer website visitors something new every month. The main way to acheive this is by creating at least one news post per month on your website. This is not only good for maintenance but is deemed to be good for your ranking on the search engines. You can read more about blogs by clicking here.

Plugin Updates

Updated Plugins are essential for website or application security and functionality. As technology and security measures evolve, plugin developers release updates to address vulnerabilities and improve performance. Neglecting to update plugins can leave your website or application vulnerable to security breaches, hacks, and other malicious attacks. This is something that we undertake each month on our SLA Website Maintenance Packages as standard.

Server Speed

Lightning-Speed Secure Servers offer numerous advantages for a website’s performance and security. Firstly, secure servers protect a website’s data and information from unauthorised access and cyber-attacks, such as hacking or data theft. This ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your website and its data.

Secondly, secure servers can improve a website’s loading speed, resulting in a better user experience and higher search engine rankings. Finally, secure servers can protect against downtime or outages, ensuring that your website remains accessible and functional to users. Investing in secure servers can ultimately safeguard your website, its users, and its reputation.

Check your website speed by viewing


Website maintenance is a fundamental element of a successful website. It demonstrates that you value your website visitors by keeping them informed and engaged, and it aids in improving your website’s search engine rankings.

Let’s be honest! Who doesn’t like to make their life easier? Especially if you are running your own business or hold a demanding job role. It can be one long labour-intensive slog. So, you need to consider which tasks you can outsource easily that will give you back time whilst being cost-effective. We’ve got the solution!

Consider a support package for all your creative and marketing needs – Contact us today for more information.

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