Chewits Modern and Unique CMS Website


Our client Chewits required an upgraded, modern and simplified website to showcase their extensive range of ‘Tasty’ sweets! We utilised the brief exceptionally whilst adding our own artistic flare to the project. The brand new Chewiest website was a success!

The challenge was to ensure the strict professional brand and styling of Chewits sweets was upheld through every pixel. Chewits launched their new Chewy dinosaur and we had to ensure the beloved Chewits website was still easily recognisable to their loyal customer base.

We also had to work out how best to showcase each of Chewits brand categories as cleanly and as simple as possible to ensure the user can reach the right information in the quickest possible time.


Working closely with the Chewits Marketing team, and following the brand guidelines closely, we managed to present the new website in a clean, simple and colourful way that truly keeps to the magic of what the Chewits brand is all about. The new dinosaur Chewy is the showpiece of each major page throughout the website, cleanly presenting the brand category above the fold.

We split up each of the brand categories and followed the colour references in the brand guidelines, whilst adding our own artistic touch throughout.