The Jellybean Factory

The Jelly Bean Factory Product Showcase and Gamification Website


The Jelly Bean Factory approached us to help showcase their latest and current selection of amazing sweets. They really wanted to push the boundaries in terms of design and brand awareness.

The Jelly Bean Factory also wanted to provide customers a reason to keep coming back to the website in terms of gamification, they requested a feature that would be fun to use and great to share on Social Media and also a creative way to explore each of the unique and mouthwatering flavours!


We custom designed and built a unique CMS website for the Jelly Bean Factory that truly showcased the amazing product line. Utilising the brand guidelines we introduced animated elements to really catch the eye when viewing the website.

We also created a custom Jelly Bean Wheel, a functional gamification widget that allows users to click to spin the wheel to be presented with a Jelly Bean and all the amazing information that comes along with each bean.

The website looks, feels and works in the best way possible, just as the client intended.