The Swallows App

The Swallows Head and Neck Cancer Mobile App for patients and caregivers. Dedicated NHS Software to assist health professionals to monitor the health status of patients using the mobile app.


The Swallows Head and Neck Cancer Charity approached us to develop an innovative mobile app and software that would help sufferers of cancers associated with the head and neck. The Mobile app would allow users to track their symptoms, add their medication, keep personal audio notes, and utilise functionality for caregivers.

The App had to link into dedicated bespoke software that would enable health professionals to login and monitor the status of patients and their symptoms. The software would be rolled out to health centres and NHS locations throughout the country.

The software should be real time meaning as soon as a patient changes their symptoms and how they are feeling the health professional should see the changes immediately in order to respond appropriatley.



The Mobile App

We developed a custom mobile app that had a clean and simple user interface that enables patients to track their symptoms, their current feeling of wellness, add private audio notes and more. When a patient signs up to the app their details and information is all stored in the dedicated software.

Patients can update their wellness status, this is added by utilising the simple ‘Traffic Light’ faces buttons, where the user simply clicks a button show how well they feel at a given time. Patients can also update their current symptoms by choosing from a predefined list of symptoms.

There is an area for patients to store private audio notes which assist in remembering things and making general notes for future reference.

The mobile app is a dual use app. The patient can add a caregiver, this can be a member of their family or a friend. Once added the caregiver receives notification and can then accept and login to the app where they have a dedicated dashboard in order to track the status and symptoms of the patient they are caring for.


The Software/Web App

The dedicated bespoke software and web app is a multi use system. Administrators can login and manage all aspects and data for the mobile app. Including adding symptoms, tracking patient signups, managing hospitals and health practices, managing health professionals and more.

The software also allows health professionals to login and see all patients associated with a hospital or health practice linked to them. The health professional can then monitor the wellness status and current symptoms of all the patients. If a patient marks a negative feeling in their app, the health professional can raise a callback which ensures the patient receives a phone call to checkup on them.