Ducati Manchester App

Ducati Loyalty and Customer App. Built in iOS and Android.


Ducati approached us to build a unique customer loyalty app that does so much more! We built a unique Loyalty app that lets Ducati customers see their Tier and loyalty points through an awesome digital rev counter, we also extended the app to do so much more including My Garage, which shows all bikes purchased by the customer through Ducati, all its information and also when its service due date is, The Ducati Loyalty App is a fully featured, necessary app for any Ducati Customer.


We heavily integrated the Mobile App into the current DMS (Dealer management system) utilising smart API Techniques seamlessly that did not disrupt the daily function of their current software. Ducati already had established software to manage their customers, we bolted our system onto theirs which enabled the customer information to sync between the App and the DMS effortlessly.

We have managed to create an account based loyalty app for Ducati customers that present all of their loyalty and b ike information to them through their very own dashboard in the Ducati App. All bikes purchased can be viewed in the My Garage Section and customers can easily track Service Due dates and a whole lot more effortless no, eradication the need for administration time.