Wareing Buildings Wrea Green

110+ years of history, five generations of expertise. Wareing Buildings is the ‘go-to’ name in steel framed buildings for the commercial, industrial and agricultural sectors.


Wareing Buildings sought our expertise to transform their outdated website into a modern masterpiece befitting their exceptional growth and impeccable reputation. Recognising the need for a digital presence that mirrors their success, we embraced the challenge.

Our mission was clear: design a new website that effortlessly showcases Wareing Buildings’ diverse projects in a simple, manageable, and organised manner. Beyond project presentation, the website had to encapsulate all relevant information about the company and provide an intuitive pathway for visitors to connect with them. In essence, our goal was to create a digital space that reflects the company’s stature and facilitates seamless interaction with its audience.


We wholeheartedly embraced the challenge and are thrilled to present the successful outcomes! The newly revamped website stands as a genuine reflection of Wareing Buildings—synonymous with quality, endurance, and expertise. Our team crafted a visually stunning website that encapsulates the essence of this remarkable company.

To enhance the user experience, we implemented a custom project system, empowering Wareing Buildings to effortlessly update their extensive portfolio of building works. A sophisticated filtering system was integrated, allowing visitors to seamlessly navigate and explore specific areas of interest.

Furthermore, we introduced a captivating historic timeline feature, providing a visual journey through the company’s evolution over the years. This addition not only adds a layer of storytelling but also underscores Wareing Buildings’ rich history and progression. The result is a website that not only meets but exceeds the expectations, offering a comprehensive and engaging showcase of Wareing Buildings’ expertise and legacy.