Social Media And Using It To Your Advantage
Social Media

Use Social Media To Your Advantage

Everyone who’s everyone is using Social Media these days, it has become an integral part of our everyday lives. But are you using it effectively for your business? If not, you may be missing out!

Social Media companies invest heavily in advertising techniques in order to maximise exposure of your business or brand through their social network. Utilising these social network facilities can increase awareness about your business, brad or service, help gain important customers and more importantly interact with your customers direct.

Here are a few ways you can utilise Social Media to benefit you and your business.


Showcasing your business or brand throughout Social Networks lets the world see into your world, almost like a shop window. You can highlight your best features and best moments and display them for the world to see.

Customers see what you have to offer and begin to connect with you, they then get to see the personal side to you and your business and see just how great you are.

Connecting with customers on a personal level also increases trust between you and your customers and in most cases ensures repeat business as customers know your a brand they can trust.


Consistency is key when using Social Media with your business. Keeping up to date with your customers is a vital part of the Social exercise to show your customers you are current, on the ball and always available should they need your goods or services.

Being consistent also ensures maximum exposure and keeping your business fresh in the minds of your customers and also continually promotes your business to potential future customers too.

This all in turn helps to build loyalty between you and your customers.


The great thing about Social Network platforms is most of them now offer ‘Business Features’ in order for businesses to analyse and track their social media performance.

These are great tools that can really benefit you, even simple things such as seeing when your customers are most active on the social network, or whether you are attracting more male or female customers. You can see important information also such as demographics of where your customers are seeing your posts!


One of the most important features of social networks is being able to target exactly who you want with your advertising posts. These are posts that do cost money, but you can set the budget. You can creat an advertisement and tell the social network, what kind of people you want to see this post.

For example, if you are selling maternity goods for expecting mothers, you can target your add to be for females, you can also target the advertisement based on their interests and browsing habits.

The possibilities are almost endless!

Social Media Summary

As you can see, there are many positive benefits from utilising Social Media for your business, brand or service. A lot of it you can do without even spending a penny. Start creating a bond with your customers first, start the conversations today and you will be surprised how quickly your network and business can grow.

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